Maggots for Dinner

Did you know that in Nicaragua, cheese with maggots in it is a delicacy? People actually eat these disgusting creatures!
Uhhh, I think not!
Cooking italian for my family, I opened up a can of tomatoes. To my surprise, I opened up a can of worms! Maggots to be exact.  Yes, maggots came crawling out of the can. I seriously almost threw up. I was awful! I grabbed the can and threw it outside. This experience got me thinking, "What else could be in these cans that I so often open up and dump into pots?" What am I eating? What am I feeding my children?  Like most Americans, I assume that because a can is air tight, it is safe.  Obviously, whatever is getting into the cans has made its way there before the can is sealed - probably in a huge factory. Yikes!
Although I am not a huge gardner, I have had some success with gardening in the past.  Certainly, when I grow my own tomatoes, I can wash them and throw them into a pot, confident that there are no aged maggots in the sauce! I love pulling peppers off the vine and tossing them into the food processor to make pepper relish (which my hubby loves). I love growing my own food. I want to get better at it, and even learn how to can. Wanna commit to doing this with me?  If the idea of gardening is too much for you to think about right now, consider visiting your local farmers market once a week. At the very least, we should look for recipes that use fresh ingredients when preparing our meals. That way, we won't ever have to worry about having maggots for dinner!
Here is a helpful website to find your local farmers market. Eat local-support a farmer!

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