The Magic Lunchbox Competition

I´m a wife and a working mom. My teen girl must have a great alternative for bread. Sometimes it´s hard to find something for our both lunchboxes (my man has a good canteen at work). There´s no time left that I can waste for making lunchboxes in the kitchen. That’s not my favorite work! Do you have the same problems?

Here I noted some ideas for you: 

Vegan Almond-Carrot-Muffins Coconut-Chicken-Skewer with Peanut Dip  Vegan Vegetable-Box with Guacamole Asian Cucumber Salad with  Tuna Balls Vegan Indian Quinoa Curry Salad 

Here you see all you need for 2 lunchboxes for one week:



Each recipe requires 20 minutes or less time in the preparation.

If you need more meal ideas and nutrition information, click here!

Day for day I will post one recipe for you. The recipe that is your all favorite I will change in 3 new recipes. For that I will use only 5 other ingredients than the red marked ones in the recipe. Please tell me if you want the recipes vegan, vegetarian, meat or fish. My tasting kitchen is open for all wishes….

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