Maintaining Fitness During Pregnancy

Beyonce created a documentary recently on youtube Self-titled Part 4. Liberation.  It was created to inspire women who have had babies and stated you can feel sexy and look sexy after the birth of your; child/children.  Now that being said, we are thinking the same thing about now…..a personal chef, personal trainer, a support team and a few hours of exercise a day would help too….But the reality is that for people who would like to feel sexy in their skin during and after pregnancy it is not just a dream (even for real mothers) it is possible.. It has saddened me to watch over the last 18 months, in particular because I was pregnant and adjusting and learning to be the best mom I could be during this time. How many moms were ridiculed for their attempt to maintain their health and wellness during pregnancy, so they could still feel beautiful in their skin and be a good mother too.  For me this is the most horrible thing you could possibly do to a pregnant woman, they need support not hatred. I mean if you think about it, there is no question health is the number one importance during pregnancy and if you and your baby are healthy and have your doctor’s clearance, then keep doing what you are doing. It is obviously working not only for you but for your baby as well. Everyone is different and that is the same in life and in pregnancy. We cannot all do what another does but we can do the best at what we can do. For some women during pregnancy that means being strong, healthy and beautiful while being a great mother too, and for other women it is another way.  But my question is, why should anyone have the right to condemn and criticize a pregnant woman for staying fit and healthy if they cannot or do not believe it can be done safely?  These women being pregnant are just telling their story to inspire others who can take this journey safely. They are not telling others it is the best way and your must do what they are doing. [caption id="attachment_36357" align="alignleft" width="300"]Lea-Ann Ellison training and with her healthy baby boy born. Lea-Ann Ellison training and with her healthy baby boy born.[/caption] One example of this was Lea-Ann Ellison the Cross-fit Mom whose child was born in November and she was still practicing Cross-fit right up until birth with health clearance from her doctors.  The baby was born safe and healthy and his mom, due to the hard work and determination was left with a single digit weight loss ahead of her just days after she had given birth. How can this make her a bad mother? She had a healthy baby boy and she is healthy, there is no better outcome! [caption id="attachment_36356" align="alignright" width="300"]Lea-Ann Ellison 8 months pregnant doing crossfit Lea-Ann Ellison 8 months pregnant doing crossfit[/caption] However when moms like Lea-Ann Ellison maintain a good healthy outlook during pregnancy and eat right, do not diet, do not starve and exercise safely (if approved by their physician) it helps them and many considerably to empower one’s self  beyond a shadow of a doubt to become the best, healthiest and strongest mom they can be whilst allowing their body be the vessel to carry a life, the greatest and most selfless act of love on earth. So next time we see different people taking different directions from our own, particularly pregnant moms…. Instead of stopping to criticize them, why not put your hands together and say congratulations on a job well done I admire your strength of character and commitment to choosing your path to the best mom YOU can be. Beyonce is right about ONE thing (although it probably didn't take a nearly pornographic video to say it). Nonetheless, she is correct that being a mom certainly does not make you any less sexy as a matter of fact it makes you the sexiest woman alive.

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