Maintaining Optimal Health: Seven Tricks

Maintaining optimal health can be overwhelming to most people. Here are seven easy tips and tricks that can get you on the road to better health again. maintaining optimal health
  1. Embrace Each Life Season
The universe is full of different cycles. There are seasonal cycles, agricultural cycles, weather cycles, and astronomical cycles. Many lives are the same when it comes to spirituality, business, romance, and physical health. You may notice that you experience seasons in several of those areas. It may feel as if you are ahead in one area, while still behind in another. A great way to approach this is to embrace the winters as they happen, and be sure to remind yourself that summer will be back. This will lower your stress and get you thinking optimistic.
  1. Reduce Your Stress With Small Steps
Many of us all live with some sort of stress or adrenal fatigue. It’s good to be driven and ambitious, but you must also take steps to enjoy life and lower your stress level. When it comes to life, it’s all about balance. If you let your cortisol (a stress hormone) get too high, you may experience depression, sexual dysfunction, inability to process sugar, high blood pressure, anxiety, and even abdominal fat gain. Be sure to take time out of your schedule to do activities that will naturally lower your cortisol. These activities can include meditation, swimming, and even laughing. Always have time to take guilt-free rest to do absolutely nothing.
  1. Eating to Fuel Your Body
Overeating can lead to weight gain. However, consuming the right number of calories doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. You can even eat to fuel your body for the type of day you are having. For instance if you plan to be extremely active one day, you will need to consume a bit more calories. If you know you will be sitting around a lot, you should cut back a bit, especially with carbohydrates. When you eat the same amount of food each day without considering your activity, it won’t make any sense, especially when you are trying to maintain your health.
  1. Getting Adequate Sleep
A lack of sleep is all too common. Many people are saying that they only get 4-5 hours of sleep each night. Everyone is probably guilty of this from time to time. However, 4-5 hours isn’t cutting it. During the night when you sleep, your body goes into recovery mode. It will balance your endocrine system, repair muscle tissue, and fight off viruses. Sleeping is how we get stronger as well; it’s not just about getting strong in the gym.
  1. Prevent Before You Have to Cure
One huge mistake that individuals believe is that treating illnesses means to alleviate the symptoms, instead of alleviating the entire route cause. There are many common health issues today, such as anxiety, IBS, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. They can all be avoided with the right lifestyle changes. Did you know that when you take digestive enzymes it could help IBS symptoms? When you take a cold shower, it could help chronic inflammation. Do you have allergies? Did you know that adding some honey to lemon water can reduce the symptoms of allergies.
  1. Remain Hydrated
We know we need to drink our water, but do we really? When we hear we need to stay hydrated, is it with the right liquids? Most people don’t realize water is what truly hydrates the body. When you are properly hydrated, it can contribute to a better mood, weight loss, rid toxins in the body, and it can prevent diseases, such as cancer. You should drink at least three litres of water each day, or even until your urine is clear.
  1. Lifting Weights
When we age, the body will begin to naturally rid existing muscle mass. That can lead to negative issues with our health. Not having muscle mass can lead to lower metabolism and can weaken our bones and posture, which would lead to osteoporosis quickly. This process can be slowed down through lifting weights. Even if you do two short body workouts each week, it can bring in tremendous benefits. You may want to stick to compound lifts, such as rowing, presses, and deadlifts. Always be sure to be rested between workouts. How do you maintain your optimal health? Share with us! Source: Telegraph Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_104845" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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