Major Study Indicates That Low-Fat Diets Don't Work

The Lancet Journal from Harvard University has some interesting news for dieters. For years we've been cutting fat from our diets in order to lose weight, but the recently published meta-analysis of 53 long-term studies suggests that we have been doing it all wrong! So what exactly should we be doing instead? The data revealed that low-fat dieters weighed around a kilo more than those who followed a low-carb diet. Although this isn't a HUGE difference, it is enough to cast doubt on our current diet trends. Although a low-fat diet was found to be less effective than a low-carb diet, it is worth noting that neither were deemed particularly effective over the long-term. The study's lead author, Dr Deirdre Tobias, says that finding a sustainable diet is more important than following fad-based, by the numbers, restrictive diets. “To effectively address the obesity epidemic, we will need more research to identify better approaches for long-term weight loss and weight maintenance, including the need to look beyond differences in macronutrient composition. Long-term adherence is critical for the success of any dietary intervention, and one should also take into account other long-term health effects of their dietary choices," she says.   It appears the news is spreading as low-fat diets are starting to decline in favour of diets that advocate eating 'real' and 'whole' foods. If most of your diet is made up of fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and protein, it would be very hard to not become healthier. Remember, stay skeptical of food labels. The pre-packaged diet foods are often full of added sugars and chemicals. The best foods you can eat are found in the outer aisles of the supermarket and require no labels at all! Try to eat foods that contain one ingredient and are as close to their natural state as possible. Have you switched from a low-fat diet to a more sustainable, fresh and whole food approach? What changes did you notice? Source: I Quit Sugar  

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