How to Make Activated Nuts.

In my last post, Sprouting Nuts, seeds and legumes I discussed the amazing benefits of activating nuts. Below is my process for doing so.

What you need:

Nuts of your choice. I find almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts and pumpkin and sunflower seeds work best

Bowls for soaking.


Baking trays

I'm using pumpkin seeds and almonds. You want to be sure you are using, raw, uncooked, and unseasoned nuts and seeds. There are specialty stores from where you can buy seeds that are garenteeed to be fresh, organic and GMO-free. SproutsPeople have great stocks, equipement resources if you're interested in getting serious about sprouting. But I've always just bought my nuts and seeds from the local supermarket.

[caption id="attachment_72853" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Just ordinary supermarket nuts. Just ordinary supermarket nuts.[/caption]

1. Soak the nuts overnight (or for 6 or so hours) with a pinch or so or salt.

The moisture infiltrating into the seeds and nuts dissolves their protective coatings and leads them to believe they're planted in fertile soil and it's time to grow and unleash their inner powers.

2. In the morning, drain the nuts and seeds and dry off as much as possible.

3. Set your oven to the lowest possible temperature. Mine goes to 170F, but some go as low as 150F. You want to slowly dry out the nuts, not cook them.  Do not add oil.

At this point you can add some seasonings to the nuts. I'm keeping my almonds natural but am adding some Mexican flair to my pumpkin seeds.

soaked nuts

I added the juice of one lemon (lime, would work better but I was out) and Tajin, a popular Mexican seasoning. Chilie powder also works really well.


4. Spread the nuts and seeds over the tray, careful not to overcrowd them.

Stick 'em in and wait 6 to 12 hours.

You want to make sure the seeds are dry right through to the center. Bite into one and see.

In my case, the pumpkin seeds will dry out faster than the almonds. I pull out the pumpkin seeds at 6 hours. The almonds stay in for another 4 hours.

Congratulations! Your seeds and nuts are now activated. Your body will be better able to access it's nutrients.

Keep extras in the freezer. They won't actually freeze and you can eat them directly from the ice box.

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