How to Make Cleaning your House Easier

I hate cleaning my house....actually I LOATHE cleaning my house. But being an adult means that this is an unavoidable task and responsibility (grow up already Sonja). Sometimes I certainly put it off longer than I should, leaving it all one day when we decide to have company over and then we have everything to clean....which can be a task that takes hours upon frustrating hours. Add two dogs who shed, track mud into the house and tear up stuffed animals all day plus a large man-child boyfriend who sheds off clothes in all corners of my house and TADA you have my life.

Anyways I happened to come across this amazing pinterest schedule the other day to make my life that much easier. Rather than having one long ass day dedicated to cleaning your house, this allows for you to split it up on a daily basis of very short increments. Really if you have time to watch TV you have time to do this (hell, even do it on commercial breaks). I am going to start trying this right away and I bet my house will be cleaner, I will be hating it that much less, and I will have a heck of a lot more time on the weekends to focus on fun things rather than on the disaster that is my house. See below for two different versions of a weekly cleaning schedule I found.



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