Make a goal, HIIT a goal!

December of 2013 my good friend made a pretty significant goal for herself. She wanted to lose 50lbs by July 4th.  Eating healthy and exercising has never been a real goal for her, until now. She’s extremely goal oriented and owns a very successful business and puts all of her focus into her work and family. She had learned of some health issues that were severely affecting her wellbeing. Rather than being on medication and being in and out of doctors’ offices, she took the healthy and more natural approach. She changed her lifestyle. She researched several different “diets” such a paelo, etc. to see what would work best for her. First she started out by taking out little extra snacks and eating smaller portions. As soon as the results started to show, it kicked her into high gear. Eating clean is mandatory now in her daily routine. She even owns chickens and eats the eggs! Rather than eating out for every meal, or not even eating at all, she now cooks all of her own food, meal preps and eats clean and the weight just seemed to fall off. I remember the last time I saw her, I hardly recognized her, she was so tiny! It’s been 9 months now and sans 50+lbs.  She didn’t hit her initial goal of dropping the 50lbs by July 4th, but that didn’t stop her, and I don’t think anything would. She hit her goal, and now she's setting the bar higher. She has now started looking into a fitness trainer to help her on the exercise side of things. Although I do believe you need to incorporate both diet and exercise, she has been nothing short of inspirational! I couldn’t be more proud! Here she is December 2013 – September 2014 From top left and middle 12/8 Top right 6/8 Bottom left 8/8 Bottom middle and right 9/8

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