Make Me Proud - Bikini Body Rep Challenge Workout

Hi BodyRockers, Today is another Rep Challenge designed to push you hard & earn your BodyRocker Stripes. This one will defiantly need a wwhhoosshh before you get to the end :) A big shout out to all of you newbies who are just starting with us! It's an excellent time to start BodyRocking because we are just about to kick off another 30 day challenge, and we are in the best possible position to get in absolutely phenomenal shape before the warm weather arrives. Start taking your first steps with us now and you will OWN this summer! It's 12 minutes a day guys - 12 Minutes and a whole lot of love and support from everyone here :) [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to a stop watch and complete the following exercises below 3 times through as quickly as you can, making sure you focus on good form and keeping your core tight. Workout Breakdown: 1)  Kick & Lunge (10 x L & 10 x R) - 20 Total 2)  Single Arm Reverse Pull Up's (5 x L & 5 x R) Or 10 x Double Arm Reverse Pull Up's - Using the YellowEqualizer or Dip Station 3)  Bag Shoulder Squat & 1/2 Burpee (10 x L & 10 x R) 20 Total - Using the Pink Sandbag 4) Dips & Knee Abs (Both are one rep ) x 10 - Using the YellowEqualizer or Dip Station My Time: 23;14 - ( With one arm reverse pull ups - so I'm happy with that :D ) Remember to post your time on the website & on the Facebook pages below – so you can keep track of your progress. Want to be part of the community ? Here are our pages so you can connect with us personally & share your food, get constant tips and tricks on ways to keep motivated and stay focused : Lisa-Marie’s page: click here Sean’s page: click here Freddy’s page: click here The Facebook Official Country Facebook Pages are going up everyday … If you want to request a country or Join your Team Click here Make sure and connect with us and leave us your questions, comments and suggestions, we reply as soon as we can :) Enjoy Freddy, Sean & Lisa-Marie.

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