Make Parenting a Little Less Stressful: Draw Eyebrows On Your Baby!

If this doesn't make your day, I am not sure what will! Becoming a new parent can be stressful at times. However, some have found a way to add a little humor into daily parenting life. How? By literally drawing eyebrows onto their babies of course! Some will think its lame. Some will think its wrong. Then, some will think its hilariously clever! Here are 10 babies that are sure to put a smile onto your face! 1. She's serious! 0   Source: wallshit 0   3. I couldn't stop laughing at this one,   0   Source: tcmag 4. Epic. 0   Source: obviouswinner 5. Those are wayyy up there! 0 Source: kiss925 6. This little guy. 0 Source: morningswithjj 7. Daddies will be daddies. 0 Source: WallShit 8. Someone's surprised. 0   Source: WallShit 9. Looks strikingly European. 0 Source: Elite Daily 10. Lastly, I decided to test this out on my own son. I have to admit, I am probably going to hell, but I could not stop laughing. 0   For more mommy shenanigans, click the image below to never miss a dull moment in motherhood: URLSmall  

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