How To Make Sleep Just As Important As Your Workout

You're committed to your workouts, you make sure to sweat once a day, you're eating right, you've got scheduling on lock - you're just a little sleep deprived. We've said it on the blog before (like a million times, cause it's true) that sleep is just as important in health and fitness goals as the actual "work" you're putting in. Time to hit the hay, Bodyrockers! This is how you're going to do it:

Make Sleep Non-negotioable

When you're dead on your feet, you have zero capacity to manage stress. Sleep is absolutely crucial for stamina, health, mental focus, and emotional regulation. You know how you promised yourself you were going to smash that real-time challenge tomorrow, no if ands or buts? Awesome! Go to bed with the same determination.

Make Small Changes in Your Evening Routine 

Your bedtime habits and lifestyle choices make an enormous difference in how well you snooze -- so even small changes can have major payoffs. Try these on for size: Schedule your bedtime. So simple yet it works like a charm. It's the same concept as making your workout a routine. Eventually, your body will accept it and expect sleep. Schedule time to wind down. It's natural for your body to need to unwind before catching some z's. Consider reading, listening music, or doing some gentle stretches - whatever relaxes you and disconnects you from the day. Pro tip? Turn off your phone.

Stop Making These Sleep Mistakes 

You know that sleep is crucial to stress management and emotional balance -- but you may be unknowingly, or knowingly, making choices that sabotage your rest. Don't workout right before bed. You know that awesome pumped up feeling you get after a workout? Not your friend at bed-time. We know that scrolling through the over 80 hours of on demand workouts on SweatFlix℠ can be addictive, but try to refrain from smashing an intense workout right before you plan to sleep. If you must workout, skip the high intensity stuff and opt for some nice chilled-out yoga, instead! Challenge your thoughts on sleep. Do you believe that successful people don't need a lot of sleep or that sleep is an expendable resource? Remember: Sleep restores your energy so that you're able to do all the things you love in a day. If you're doing everything else right, you're negating your efforts with lack of rest!

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