Are You Making This Massive Mistake When It Comes To Weight Loss?

So you're working your butt off, and actually, your butt doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And neither is your belly fat, arm jiggle or any of your excess poundage! Here is the massive mistake you could be making which is making all of your workout routines pointless. Okay, so you're jogging, hitting the gym and even squeezing in some yoga in the mornings. But, no matter what you put your body through, it's what you put into your body that will ultimately shed pounds. You can't outrun, out-swim, out-walk or out-yoga a diet filled with junk. It just can't be done. In order to lose weight, your diet should be the very first thing you start with. Toss out processed foods, preservative packed foods, sugar-rich foods, trans fat potent foods.... Get rid of anything artificial that has ingredients you can't pronounce in it. Switch up pop or sugary fruit drinks for water and replace frozen dinners with fresh, leafy greens. Now that your diet measures up, it's time to implement some exercise. Working out, when coupled with eating right, supercharges your metabolism to help you lose weight and keep it off. And don't forget that getting enough sleep and reducing stress and anxiety is another key factor to losing weight. Share with us your tips to losing weight and keeping it off! Show us your before and after pic in the comments below!  

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