How a Personal Trainer Eats & Trains While On Vacation

Summer is the time for vacations and traveling to different destinations and it is probably the slowest time for me as a trainer.
One discussion that I find myself having over and OVER again with my clients when they come back is how poorly they did when on vacation.
Either they didn’t work out or did not make healthy choices because they were eating out every day. EXCUSES! There are so many options in this day and age. There truly is no reason why you can’t get your workout in or eat healthy, EVEN if you are away from home. Here are some things you can do for exercise while traveling.   1. Find out if the hotel you are staying at has a gym (it can sometimes be an extra charge, find out before you get there and decide if you want to go that route). gym 2. Bring a workout video with you! Push the bed over, pop in the DVD and VOILA!! 3. Go to BodyRock.Tv (I hear that the workouts are pretty intense ;-) ) 4. Bring resistance bands with you. They are easy to pack away in your suitcase and you can get a full strength workout with those suckers. 5. Body weight!!! NEVER underestimate the power of your body!! (pushups, squats, lunges, dips, the list goes on and on) Your body is a machine! 6. Know your surroundings, find a path and go for a run. Are you getting the picture? You don’t need to spend a lot of time working out. Give yourself 30 min in the morning before you start your day.   Now, when it comes to eating out……there are tons of options!! One thing that I do when I am eating at a restaurant, at home or out of town, is ask for the nutritional information and know what macro nutrients are in the foods that they offer. If that is not available, stick with food that you know and ask how it is cooked and prepared.
YOU are the customer and YOU are the one putting it into YOUR body, so guess what?? You get to decide if you want to order that or not.
Feel fret request changes to your order. It doesn't have to be made how it is listed. Dressing on the side is an excellent start! I like to bring things with me, such as healthy protein bars and a portable blender (so I can make smoothies and once I get to my hotel). The first thing I do is locate a store so I can go purchase my water, and produce! The more things you have on hand, the less likely you will go out and use the excuse to make poor choices. Another BIG no no…. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO FINISH YOUR PLATE!! As kids we had it drilled into us “you can’t leave the dinner table until you clear your plate”. Problem is, in America the servings are triple of what they should be and then you feel as though you should finish the WHOLE thing. Now you just ate for 3 people! When I go on vacation, I drop weight because of sticking to my workouts, sticking to eating well, constantly moving AND I am away from everyday stress. I scratch my head when clients come back having GAINED! It is possible to make healthy choices, smart choices and get your exercise in without cutting into “vacation time”. Do a little homework before you leave and be prepared, it will only lead to a better and healthier you!    

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