Now that it looks something like "summer" in London, training at your local Royal Park holds a new excitement which can invigorate and motivate any training regime; fresh air, the smell of cut grass, gorgeous scenery and some great people-watching too! But thankfully these days, it doesn’t mean that you have to lug 10 tons of kettle bells along for the ride! With a TRX (stands for Total-body Resistance eXercise), all you need is a tree! No weights, plates or slates; instead, just some gravity and your own body weight as resistance. It’s effectively just two connected nylon straps, wrapped around a distant object, with two handles. Simple, yes, but it enables a full-body workout, helps to build strength, refine balance and enhance core stability, all at the same time. TRX is a classic example of “functional training”, a bit of a fitness industry buzz-word that gets thrown around a lot, but which put simply, means ‘exercises that mimic every-day human movements’ (unlike for example, some stationary machines you’ll find at the gym). Trust me, when you do it properly, it’s a lot more painful (and effective) than it looks !!! There's never an excuse not to train as the TRX is super light and can be used anywhere - attach it to a door frame, a bar or a tree in the park whilst soaking up some vitamin D and taking in nature! In my experience, the TRX is uber-versatile and can give some impossibly challenging work-outs to target every goal, whether it's speed and agility, bodyweight management, core strength, high intensity interval training, functional training, strength or flexibility/mobility. It's a hugely effective piece of equipment, and with correct form, it'll see you in (very fit) pieces on the floor! Below is a great TRX workout I've drawn up that targets your entire body! Enjoy :)  Faya x (from Fitness On Toast blog) CHEST GROUP Exercise 1 - Chest Flys (as below pics) Targets: chest How To: i. Hold both straps with palms facing each other and move into a push up position. ii. Keep elbows slightly bent and drive your arms down and out while your chest drops toward the floor. (do not overextend, as it can potential cause injuries to the shoulders). iii. Powerfully squeeze your chest and arms together into full push up position, focussing the exhaled breath on the exertion. Exercise 2 - Push ups on ground (as below pics) Targets: Chest How to i. Place both feet in the handles. ii. Get into a push-up position iii. Maintain a straight back and slowly lower yourself to the ground iv. Finally slowly lower yourself back into the starting position. All along engaging your core. LEG GROUP Exercise 1 - Jumping squats (as below pics) Targets: Quads, glutes and core How to i. Hold onto the handles and get into the squat position. Feet c. hip width apart, sit back, keep your feet behind your knees. ii. Jump back up explosively off the ground. iii. Now slowly squat back down.

Exercise 2 - One leg lunge (as below pics) Targets: quads, glutes. How to i. Place one foot inside both handles. Take a big step out until the other leg is fully extended. ii. Very slowly lunge forward until the thigh is parallel with the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds and then come back into the starting position. Keep a good posture throughout.


Exercise 3 - One legged squats (as below pics) Targets: quads, hamstrings, glutes, core How to i. Hold onto the handles with your arms stretched out in front of you. ii. Keep one leg held out in front of you whilst bending the other leg and slowly lower yourself to the ground. Maintain good posture throughout! iii. Come back up into the starting position.

BACK (as below pics) How to i. Hold the handles in each hand facing the TRX. Place one leg slightly in front of the other. ii. Engage your core. Relax your shoulders and be mindful of your posture throughout. iii. Lean backwards, shifting your body weight on you back leg, straighten your elbows positioned at chest height. Palms facing inward. iv. Slowly pull yourself back to starting position keeping your elbows tucked in. Make sure not to arch your back.

ABDOMINAL Exercise 1 - Knee Tucks (as below pics) Targets: core, lower abs How to: i. Place both feet in the TRX straps and position yourself in the push up position. ii. Maintain a flat back, engage your core, the slowly draw your knees into your chest. iii. Hold the contraction for 1 second and kick your legs back out into push up position.

Exercise 2 - Reaching Twists (as below pics) Targets: core, deltoids, obliques, back How to i. Hold one strap with one arm and fall back into a 45 degree angle. . ii. Now powerfully in a controlled movement twist upwards and touch the top of the TRX strap with the other hand. As you’re rowing upwards on the right side of your body, your left side should simultaneously move up and twist. iii. Slowly return down to starting position

TRICEPS (as below pics) Hanging dips How to i. Hold both handles. ii. Press the body up off the floor. iii. Leaning forward to engage the chest, slowly dip downwards until your triceps are approximately parallel with the floor. iv. Powerfully contract your triceps and push back upwards to the starting position.

BICEPS (as below pics) How to i. Hold the handles in each hand, facing the TRX. Stand with one foot in front of the other and both feet facing forward. Engage your core. ii. Lean backwards, shift your body weight to your back leg. iii. Tuck your elbows in. iv. Slowly bend your elbows and pull your entire body towards your hands. Keep your wrists aligned - avoid bending. v. Slowly lower your body back to your starting position.

[caption id="attachment_3756" align="aligncenter" width="800"] A view from London's Primrose Hill over the City[/caption] TRX-10

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