Making Valentines Day Simple

Valentines day to my husband and I is just another day. We usually do something simple just to celebrate the day, but it's not something that we go all out for.  It might be something completely silly. **Now again don't take me wrong. If you really go all out for Valentines day that is great, but if that's the only time you celebrate the love you have for your significant other please change that! My husband and I decided that after our first Valentines day together that we were going to make it low key.See my husband and I are trying our hardest to live on an extreme budget.  He might get me simple flowers and I might get him a gift, but it's not extravagant and definitely NOT expensive.  We try to come up with other fun ideas. There is no swanky restaurant rather it might include a simple coffee date or something small. Below I have put together a perfect cheap Valentines date night ideas. They are fun and simple. I would encourage you toValentines Day do something along these lines every week!  Spending time with each really helps to build a quality long lasting relationship.  Valentines Day Ideas: 1. Cook the Valentines day meal together. (If you want to make it special and spend a little more money make homemade sushi. It is super fun!Try this website: 2. Go for a drive and look at the stars.  Talk about how you met and how you fell in love. 3. Go out for coffee and just have a conversation. (Put your iphone or android down. It's amazing the conversations you have when you put technology away.) 4. Rent a cheesy Redbox movie, and make hot chocolate. 5. Indoor picnic with yummy meal, cheap wine, and candles. 6. Make a homemade dessert together. 7. Do a scavenger hunt around using romantic clues. 8. Make your own "wine and pallet." (Make your own art designs then hang them around your house as memories to remember.) 9. Make valentines day a music night where you listen and dance around to fun music with each other. (You don't have to go to a club or pay the door fees!) 10. Last but not lease at home SPA night! You can ALWAYS mix and match! Have fun and Happy Valentines Day!

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