Man with Over 100 Flesh Eating Maggots in his Nose (VIDEO)

A 65 year old Brazilian man showed up at Clinics Hospital in Brazil complaining of nose bleeds, a dull pain on the left side of his nose and a foul smell. Oh, and he also mentioned that two days prior, he had seen what appeared to be worms coming out of his nose. 5 years ago, the man had a tumor, known as a nasal inverted papilloma, removed from his sinus cavity but had not experienced any symptoms until now when he was experiencing trouble breathing and had swelling in his face. After the doctors inserted a camera into his nose, they discovered over 100 maggots in his left nasal cavity. The tissue in the nasal passage was red, fluid filled and covered in ulcers. Guided by a camera, the doctors were forced to remove the maggots one at a time. They then cleansed the passage with a saline wash. Did you know there is a name for this condition? It's okay, I didn't either. It is called "Nasal Myiasis." Nasal myiasis is where the nose and sinuses become infested with the larvae of flies. In this particular case, the maggots were identified as Cochliomyia hominivorax (of the New World Screw worm). These critters are well known for the way their larvae eat the flesh of warm blooded animals. Back to our Brazilian gent, it took 4 days to completely clear the infestation and by that time, he was on the mend. After 2 months, he was completely healed and had no more symptoms. This, of course, is good news. If the infestation hadn't been discovered, the maggots could have destroyed the bone and soft tissue of his face, nose and eyes leading to possible infection in the eyes and brain. In some cases, it has caused meningitis and even death. Is your nose feeling itchy? I know mine is. If you are feeling particularly brave have a look at the video. Creepy. no?

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