This Man Was Fat-Shamed. You Won't Believe What His Bad-Ass Girlfriend Did About It!

It was a rude awakening for Ashley Stevens who discovered that the internet was aggressively hating on her boyfriend, Christopher. The comments came from a photo she posted to Reddit which she thought was cute and funny, but apparently internet trolls were too busy laughing and jeering at her boyfriend's looks and weight to even get the joke. Ashley snapped a cute selfie after catching a bouquet at her friend's wedding, and sneakily captured the expressions of both her boyfriend and father in the background. But commenters were poking fun at Christopher's weight, along with calling him "disgusting", "ugly" and asking if he had Down Syndrome. body shaming Ashley was shocked, and took to Facebook to defend Christopher and fire back at the shamers! "He may not have rock hard abs, but why does that even matter when you are trying to find someone to spend the rest of your life with?" she wrote. "He is so thoughtful and patient, he always shows me how he loves me in little ways, he is my best friend." Despite the firestorm of negativity and shaming within the Reddit threads, some commenters came to Christopher's defence as well. "It's almost as if there is more to relationships than physical attributes. Imagine that." mused one commenter. It looks as though we are still far off from a world that just accepts people and looks beyond appearances. But at least Ashley took a stand to try and combat the judgement and criticism she so randomly received! Share your thoughts with us on this story! Have you seen our fitness videos? We post full-body workouts daily! And they're FREE. Check out the video below (and subscribe to our email list) for the latest in fitness and weight loss. [caption id="attachment_98129" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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