MAN Makes $500,000 Impersonating Britney Spears! (Pics)

Derrick Barry, 31, is a performer in Las Vegas who has made a successful career out of impersonating pop star Britney Spears. The aspiring actor decided to dress as the legendary Baby One More Time blonde for Halloween one year, and it changed his life forever. Derrick undergoes a lengthy hour and a half makeup routine to perfect his lookalike facade. He also must carefully tuck away bits in order to squeeze into skimpy tribute costumes. He admires Britney, but says he is perfectly happy removing the costumes and cosmetics at the end of his performances and get back to being himself. derrick "There's an element on stage where I have to impersonate her fully with her mannerisms, her characteristics, the costumes, the dancing and singing, so I see things through the eyes of her but I never feel like I am Britney. I am just portraying her at her best, in her prime." he tells the Daily Mail. He also explains that he was blessed with his very Britney-esk facial features, and has never and will never undergo plastic surgery to enhance his face. His career as an impersonator has gained him a hefty Instagram following, as well as made him a decent salary! He has even had the opportunity to meet pop sensation Lady Gaga (while dressed in full Britney drag). What do you think of this uncanny lookalike? Would you ever consider a career as a celeb impersonator? Share your thoughts with us!  

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