Man Rates His Magic Mushroom Trip On TripAdvisor

Jake was having a typical Friday night when he decided to drop a bag of magic mushrooms and chill with some Netflix. stoner guy trip advisor “Except it wasn’t a typical Friday night in the end.” the avid stoner explains to Wunderground. “I experienced some very strange flash moments: one minute I was crying tears of joy, the next I was screaming with pain after me and my pet cat made eye contact and saw into each other’s souls.” His 'Netflix and chill' evening apparently wasn't chill at all. Jake took to the travel site TripAdvisor after his epic journey to give a 200 word review on what he saw, what he did and how he would classify his overall experience. He assigned his review to 'Jake's Trip', a real life bar in New Zealand. [bctt tweet="Man Rates His Magic Mushroom Trip On TripAdvisor"] “This is a very strange trip, very uncomfortable and I’m having a terrible night’s sleep. I’m not even sure where I am right now and whether or not I’ll be coming back – definitely would not recommend.” Unlike Jake's crazy shroom experience, Jake's Trip is a profitable establishment who's manager was extremely concerned to read that this tripper from the midlands has just an awful time at his bar. The review has now been deleted, and Jake's Trip continues to have a favourable standing on Trip Advisor. As for Jake's cat, we hope he's recovered from seeing into his owner's soul. Tag someone who would find this story hilarious, and share your thoughts with us in the comments! Source: Wunderground

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