Man Strips Down To Show What Extreme Weight Loss Really Does To Skin (Video)

Youtuber, John David Glaude has delivered a brave and powerful message in his video titled "My Biggest Insecurity." He wants the world to see what extreme weight loss does to the skin and to one's confidence. "I'm comfortable clothed," he says, "I'm not that comfortable unclothed, and I decided since I'm not that comfortable unclothed, I should show you guys [why]." extreme weight loss He's fit and healthy these days but Glaude admits that he hides his loose skin under clothing and refuses to take his shirt off at the beach or in public spaces. Glaude once weighed 360 pounds and runs a channel called ObesetoBeast where he gives advice on getting fit. Have a look at his video: "Obviously this is not ideal," Glaude says. "What I would have wanted after losing 160 pounds ... is the perfect body, right? But that's not the case, and that's okay. You should never let loose skin or anything else stop you from going for your dreams. My dreams are to be really happy in my skin. And I am, loose skin and all." john david glaude It is brave to show your 'flaws' to the world. It is even braver to love and accept those 'flaws.' No matter where your fitness journey takes you, no matter what the results look like, don't stop. Never stop. Embrace who you are and how you look. You're amazing. Does this story give you the motivation you need to keep going? Source: Muscle & Fitness  

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