Why A Man Who's Good In Bed Is Good At Life

A wise woman once said, "I’ve never met a man who was bad in bed and was good in life.” That woman was Samantha Jones from Sex in the City, and as you know she was always pretty right-on when it comes to matters between the sheets. Traits in a man's sexual behaviour can be directly linked to his performance in life in general. For example, if your guy is very focused on you during sex, it signals he is also focused on your needs outside of the bedroom. You want a partner who is loving and attentive to you. Someone who treasures your body, and makes you feel unapologetically sexy. His main mission should be pleasing you and making you come first. If your guy is more...self centered during sex, then that is a definite red flag. If he only cares about getting off, and couldn't be bothered providing you pleasure, than clearly this is his approach to all other areas of life. He is not someone you want to enter a relationship with. As for guys who aren't willing to break away from the same boring bedroom routine, this can be a sign that they won't be making moves in any other aspect of life either. Beware of lazy guys! While sex isn't everything is a relationship, it is a very intricate and important part. Good sex only enhances your healthy bond, so it should definitely be something you're satisfied with! Share with us your thoughts on sex and relationships with us!

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