Would a Mannequin Exactly Your Size Make Shopping Better?

From size 14 to pubic hair and disabled, the world of mannequins has been changing lately.  Now, there's a new virtual mannequin that can replicate, exactly, the shape of your body.  Companies like Adidas and Hugo Boss have already started using, Fits.me mannequin which allows shoppers to input their own measurements to see what a specific item of clothing would look like on them. article-2545510-1AEF8FF400000578-196_306x481 Fits.me was developed by the University of Tartu in Estonia with the help of Human Solutions to come up with a database of thousands of combinations of hip, chest, sleeve, and waist size.    Each item of clothing is photographed several thousand times as they go through the permutations of each mannequin. The idea being the virtual mannequin is to help alleviate the problem facing many online shoppers regarding fit and sending in returns.  Perhaps this is the real answer to the great mannequin debate.  Everyone knows just how hard it is to shop online since sizes aren't the same for all retailers, fortunately there might just be a solution for that. VFR3 article-2545510-1AEF8D3D00000578-882_634x424 Fits.me, on their website writes that, "The size of the US online apparel market alone is over $4 billion – yet garment return rates average 25% for online apparel sales of which around 70% is for reasons of fit.  Measured even in this simple way, the value of garments returned because of the Online Fit Problem is $700m per year in the USA alone."  This tool would drastically cut down on return expenses for retailers and also increase overall sales.  Perhaps this is the 'shopping' revolution we have all be looking for.

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