Mannequin With Startling Proportions Sparks Body Image Uproar!

New Look, a UK clothing store has made headlines for using an extremely proportioned mannequin to display their items on.   The plastic mannequin has a bodacious bust and wide hips, with a shockingly minuscule waist. The controversy started when one women posted a picture of the mannequin to Facebook, saying that it was sending out the wrong message to young consumers. On the other hand, touting this mannequin has having an "unreal" shape could be viewed as body shaming in itself. For those few women who do possess a similar size and measurement, are they to be told that their body is wrong? Other stores have come under fire for using rib-baring mannequins to model their clothing, or mannequins who are shockingly slender. But again, there are women who possess these body types who are perfectly healthy. So what are retailers to do? Would of a mannequin of any size be viewed as a form of body-discrimitaion, considering all women are created differently? One store in Britain collected data on the average size of its target customer, and found that it was size 16. Along with the more traditionally slender models, Debenham's produced a mannequin that reflected it's average customer's body type. Perhaps this is a move in a more positive direction for retailers. What are your thoughts? Should mannequins represent all shapes and sizes, or should retailers settle on one design? Sound off in the comments!

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