Manscaping 101: How to Tackle That Down There Hair!

According to recent study, nearly 50% of women like their guy shaved or partially shaved. So perhaps your man wants to tackle his...nether regions with a little manscaping. Or maybe he's asked you to help him with the task. Clearing a definitive path to the private parts is just as sensitive and delicate an operation for dudes as it is for us! Here's the 411 on shaving down there: Know Your Tools Designate scissors to this job only. It should be a no brainer that you shouldn't be using craft scissors or a kitchen pair! Trim extremely long hair down before entering in clippers or a razor. This allows for easier maintenance and reduces the risk of ingrowns hairs. Get Wet Like us, men's skin is more supple when wet to make for easier shaving. So dudes should take a nice hot shower pre-shave. It also ensures they are clean and reduces the risk of possible infections. Figure Out Directions For a smooth shave, go with the hair, not against it. This prevents stubble, irritation and bumps. Be Careful Around The Balls One of the most delicate areas, the balls require a little added TLC. Use your opposite hand to gently glide around with a razor, scissors or clippers. This will (hopefully!) prevent any slips that can cause nicks and cuts. Do you have any down there tips for shaving? Do you prefer your man shaved, partially shaved or rogue? Let us know your thoughts!

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