How many years is drinking shaving off YOUR life?

We all know that drinking in access is incredibly punishing on your body and it's vital organs. Recent studies have shown that binge drinking is especially damaging. Warning people of the toxic effects of substance abuse is often met with grins and shrugs - especially from the young who feel that they can handle it. In this first of a series of info-graphics of statistics the full, tragic cost of alcoholism is brought into striking relief. [caption id="attachment_57446" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Alcoholics lose an astounding 23 years of life. Alcoholics lose an astounding 23 years of life.[/caption] Imagine the quality of life that is lost in addition to the overall loss of just over 23 years. Also notice the fine print: the CDC defines a "heavy drinker" as someone that consumes 15 or more drinks in a week. A Saturday night session of binge drinking at the bar could easily encompass this number of drinks over the course of an evening. Add a beer or two watching the football match and a few social drinks over the course of the week - a few "wet" lunches or business meetings and you could be at 20+ drinks per week without breaking a sweat. Forget about the negative impacts of drinking on your weight and appearance - this stuff will absolutely kill you if taken out of moderation. Stay healthy, train hard. We love you guys. Please don't kill yourselves! Take a deep, alcohol-free breath and sign up for our FREE daily workout video here and lets start getting stronger together :) If you need help please visit: Next up - the impact of smoking, and drugs on YOUR life span. Please "like" this article if you want more health information from us.

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