Maple Water: The New Coconut Water

Coconut water is well known as a healthy drink option for fitness buffs for its nutritional boost and thirst quenching capabilities, but a new drink craze could offer some hearty competition: maple water. And this is not from a fit of Canadian patriotism, although it’s hard not to be patriotic what with the parades and the fireworks and all the cute red and white outfits – even my sunburn is patriotic. Maple water, as opposed to its more famous syrup counterpart, isn’t thick and sweet but light and refreshing, quickly making it a go-to option in place of coconut water. The water is pure sap tapped directly from the maple tree, with a water-like consistency rather than the sticky goo you may get on your hands from a trek in the woods. The benefits are many, low in sugar (4 grams per 8 oz, versus coconut water’s 12 grams), chock full of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, antioxidents, and not mention a sweet subtle flavor. maplewater Happy Tree, DrinkMaple, and Vertical Water are all brands of the delicious drink quickly making their way across the globe, from Whole Foods to Hu Kitchen. Look for maple water the next time you want maximum hydration and a fun new health-conscious drink.

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