DIY Holiday Table Display

Hello Everyone! Christmas is just around the corner, so I have come up with three easy, affordable and beautiful DIY projects to make your  dining table look fabulous! These projects are perfect for dinner parties and celebrations that you might be hosting this Holiday Season.
 To find out how to create these Christmas DIY crafts please watch the video below:
The first DIY craft is a Christmas Floral Arrangement. You will need: Roses (Flower Shop) Greenery(Flower Shop) Lace (Fabricland) Mason Jar (Canadian Tire) Twine (Dollar Store) Start by filling your mason jar up with water. Then cut down the stems of the roses, roughly all to the same size. Make sure you cut the stems on an angle, this will help the roses stay alive longer. Once you have arranged the roses in the jar,  start adding the greenery. Make sure to cut the pieces of evergreen down if they are too long. Step back and look at the arrangement, fill in any empty spaces that might need more evergreen. The last step is adding  some lace to the mason jar and to finish off this look, tie the twine into a pretty bow. There you have it! A beautiful Christmas Floral Arrangement!     The second DIY craft we will be making is an Ivory Christmas Deer You will need: Plastic Deer (Dollarama) Ivory Spray Paint (Canadian Tire) Sparkles (Walmart) Spray paint the deer until it is fully covered. Do the same for the front and back. Once the entire deer is coated, sprinkle the gold sparkles all over the deer. The sparkles will stick to the spray paint. This is an easy and affordable DIY craft that will look perfect on a table, mantle or night stand.     The third and final DIY craft we will be making is this beautiful gold and white table setting. You will need: Gold and white plates (Target) Gold charger (Walmart)

Silverware (Antique Shop)

Glasses (Antique Shop) White Cloth Napkin (Walmart) Twine (Dollar Store) Greenery (Flower Shop) Place Setting Cards (Target) This look is all about layering. Start with the gold charger and start placing each plate on top of each other from largest to smallest. Place your forks on the left side of the plates and knives on the right. Wine and water glasses are placed above the knives. Next take your cloth napkin and fold it into a square. Pinch the middle until you get a bow shape. Tie the twine bow around the centre. Finish off by adding some greenery to the Napkin Bow. Place the napkin on the plates and add your place setting card! There you have it! A stunning dinning room table display for the Holiday Season!

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