Margarita Smoothie

IMG_9709 1 Cup ice 1 slice lime 1 slice lemon 4-6 strawberries 3 large slices of pineapple or 6-8 cubed pieces 1 banana 1 orange, but start with just half in the blender 1-2 tbl agave I put all in my vita-mix blender and then add more of one fruit or another to taste. If you happen to be using a vita-mix blender, you do not have to take the skin off of the lemon, lime, or orange, you don't have to core your pineapple, or take off the green leafs on the strawberries. But here is my warning: too much of the orange skin can cause the smoothie to have a whole different taste. If you want to leave some on for nutrients then peel the other half is my personal suggestion. Enjoy!  

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