What Marilyn Monroe Taught The World About Style

An icon of femininity and fashion, even after decades the world is still very much entranced by this beautiful woman. Marilyn Monroe has captivated generation upon generation of men and women, and her classic blonde-haired, red lipped, cat eyed smoulder continues to be mimicked by the fashion world today.

Marilyn taught us that glamour, while fun and dazzling as it may be, is only a part of a girl's overall look. While Marilyn dressed up for the cameras, in her day to day wardrobe you would find simple dresses, fitted sweaters and countless pairs of comfortable shoes.

The blonde bombshell was celebrated for her envious feminine form (she has a 35" bust, 22" and 35" hips). And she embraced every inch of herself. She was able to frolic and flaunt herself on the beach in sexy swimwear, knowing full well her cellulite may show or a camera may pick up her surgery scar. A gorgeous smile and undeniable confidence was what we notice in her photos, not her flaws.

Marilyn made so many looks famous, from make-up to fashion. She really showed the world that while a little black dress may be a girl's go-to, a little white dress can be just as powerful. Not only does a white dress make a red lip pop, it is a look entrenched in elegance. Marilyn showed off her curves in "The Seven Year Itch" and "The Misfits" with the help of two little white dresses.

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