Marisa Hochberg Lost 75 Pounds After Being Left Heartbroken By Her Friend

27 year old, Marisa Hochberg, says that she loved food growing up and had always struggled with her weight. These extra pounds as a young person resulted in some bullying. Hochberg lost small amounts of weight here and there over the years but nothing that lasted. When she went off to the University of Michigan, she fell into a trap many of us do and gained even more weight. hochberg Now, at 170 pounds, she was forced to examine the things in life that were holding her back. This became especially true when her friend began dating a guy she liked. Hochberg explains, "Just as I began acknowledging how much my weight held me back, a friend of mine started dating a guy I liked. I was so hurt. I sat on a bench in Central Park one afternoon, and for the hundredth time in my life, I recognized how appearance-based our world is. I wanted more for my life — and it started with removing the limitations of my weight." Right that moment, she walked herself to Whole Foods and bought arm loads of healthy food. When she returned home, she emptied her cupboards of everything processed and sugar laden. Hochberg really took the bull by the horns and did her own research on food and exercise options. hochberg4 She built herself a diet that included lots of protein -- especially egg whites -- vegetables, fiber, green tea and NO white carbs or sugar. On top of this, she hit the gym everyday after class. "The fact that I was consistent was what mattered most," she said. Then the results started to show. "My body was transforming. As with anything in life, when you begin to see results for something you have worked so hard for, you’ll do what it takes to hold onto them." hochberg2 After a year, the 5'1" student went from 170 pounds to 95 pounds! In sharing her story on social media, she received not only support from friends and colleagues but also requests for advice from others looking to make a healthy change. Hochberg has since become involved with charitable organizations for healthy living and organized wellness events with experts in the Hamptons. She's kept her weight off with regular cardio and eating healthy. She says that there is no 'secret' to weight loss but that it has to be considered a lifestyle change. hochberg3 Hochberg's advice to you?

"If you’re just starting out, believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO IT [sic]. But start now. The longer you put off your weight loss journey, the longer you have to wait to you achieve your goal. I also would urge you: Do not lose weight for anyone but yourself. If you do it for yourself, it won’t be such a struggle."

75 pounds in one year is impressive! Do you have an amazing weight loss story? Share it with us!

Source: Daily Mail

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