Mason Jar Salads!

These mason jar salads were not only FUN to make, but you can make SO many different versions of them! I made 4 salads on a sunday for the week and made each one slightly different! Choose your lettuce, veggies, and toppings and shove them in these bad boys! If you do it correctly, they stay crispy and fresh for up to 4 or 5 days! Here are some of my go-to tricks!

Mason Jar GOODNESS!! TIPS: -Make sure you wash and COMPLETLY dry the lettuce before you use it. There are several different ways to dry- the easiest is of course a salad spinner but I do not have that gizmo yet in my house... (nor do i think i could fit anymore gadgets into my kitchen!). I used the plain jane way and layered paper towels inbetween each lettuce layer and let it dry 30 min. I would say it got 80% of the water out, which wa sthe best i was going to get! -Next, dice the lettuce up--> this will help you shove more in those bad boys! -CRAM the lettuce in the bottom first. You can really put a lot in there! -Layer with the more firm, dry veggies first (ex: carrots, peppers, onions, etc) -Naturally, leave all wet ingredients (dressings) out and put into a seperate container -Leave all completly dry ingredients out (croutons, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, etc) -Besides that- layer, layer, layer! null_zps63624049

Heres what it looked like on my lunch plate at work after some low cal/low sugar dressing was added! This one had chicken, peppers, corn, shoots, and eggs!


Yummy Mason Jar Salad!


In other jars I put beans, eggs, carrots, zucchini, tomatoes (wet ingredient on top) squash, corn, cucumber....possibilities are endless! In little baggies i had some sunflower seeds sprinkled on top!


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