Massaging This Body Part will Help You Poop

If you've ever had a difficult time going to the bathroom, you know that you will try just about anything. I'm willing to bet that you have yet to try this trick. This trick involves getting a little hands on so give us a little slack here and just go with it. Curing constipation without side effects could be as simple as massaging your perineum (that patch of skin that separates your privates and your anus). According to the Journal of General Internal Medicine, there is a pressure point in the perineum that when massaged can bring you relief. Constipation is very common and occurs in women more often than men. As any of you who have had children know, pregnant women are advised to massage the perineum to relax the area and prevent tearing during labor. Researchers wondered if it could relax the bowels as well. Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 3.53.27 PM 100 participants, all with constipation, were divided into two groups: one was given the standard information on treatments and the other was given the treatment option information as well being taught how to self massage the perineum. After 4 weeks, the massage group experienced improved bowel function when compared to the other group. The massage group said the technique helped to break up or soften their stool and 82% of them said they would continue the massages after the study was complete. Maybe it is time doctors suggest this method to their patients instead of discussing exercise levels and high fiber intake. There still needs to be more research done but the next time you're feeling a little backed up, maybe give this a shot. If you have a little privacy and need a little relief, why not? A side effect free, natural solution can't hurt.

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