Master A Pull-Up: The Four Key Moves You Need To Know

Getting strong and fit this year means taking on new, daunting challenges. If pull-ups have been a goal of yours for a while but you have always felt discouraged by them, it's time to  battle your fear and master them! Pull-ups are the be-all and end-all of upper body workouts. They sculpt your core and give you killer muscles. Exercising the right way can help you conquer the bar easily and quickly. Follow these 4 key moves to build your way up to the bar: #1 Flex Hangs Flex hangs are the first step to mastering the pull-up. This move builds strength so you can pull up with ease and really get the most from this crucial workout. Use a bench or a chair to get your chin up over the bar. Now try to stay up. It's that simple! Keep your focus on pulling your shoulders down away from your ears and engaging your glutes and core. Attempt to hold for 10 seconds and work your way up to a longer hold. Practice with hands facing towards you and hands facing away from you. #2 Negatives This move is great for anyone looking to build strong, toned muscles. Use a chair to get up to the top of the pull-up bar and then lower yourself down slowly with control. At first, this move is difficult for everyone, so don't stress. As you work your way through the routine, you will find your body becoming better able to handle it. Soon, you'll have it mastered. [bctt tweet="Master A Pull-Up: The Four Key Moves You Need To Know"] #3 Jumping Pull-Ups This is an intermediate level pre pull-up move. It's fun, energizing and is really effective at targeting key muscles. Stand below a pull-up bar that’s too high for you to reach and jump up, pulling yourself up to the bar. Using a doorway pull-up bar can make this a little more complicated, you’ll need to bend your knees at first to get the same results but it is still very doable. #4 Banded Pull-Ups The last level before mastering the pull-up is this expert move. Pull-ups will come very easy to you once you've completed this exercise with ease. You’ll need to get a pull-up band (a.k.a. resistance band). Loop the band around the pull-up bar, then grip the bar as you step onto the bottom of the band with both of your feet and pull up! If the band is really thick, this move will be easy. If it's thinner, it will be more of challenge. You can gradually start to use a thinner band as you build your strength. Now you're ready to pull-up like a pro! For workouts that will always challenge you to reach you heights, check out SweatFlix℠. With over 80 hours of on demand workouts, with new and exclusive content being added all the time, SweatFlix℠ has everything you could possible want! Source: Mind Body Green

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