Master Cleanse Smoothie

Why do the Master Cleanse?  It might seem crazy to not eat solid food for 10 days while only drinking lemon juice with maple syrup and cayenne pepper in it. As someone who completed the Master Cleanse and was changed by it, I can say it is intense but well worth it. The benefits of the Master Cleanse are over-whelming and include but are not limited to:
  • More Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Better Sleep
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Positive Outlook
After I completed the Master Cleanse I felt as though I could accomplish anything. I started to eat healthier and started learning about healthy living and eating clean. I was inspired to start pursuing my dreams and goals. With the Master Cleanse Smoothie you can get the benefits of the Master Cleanse without fasting. Lemons help balance your body’s pH and are high in Vitamin C and potassium. Maple syrup is an excellent source of minerals such as manganese and zinc. Cayenne pepper is high in Vitamin A and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Here is a smoothie that has all the ingredients of the Master Cleanse with one added bonus kale. Why Kale? Well, kale and lemon are great friends and go well together. Kale has more Iron than beef, more Calcium than milk and 10% more Vitamin C than spinach. You’ll Need: 1 ½     Cups of Kale 2          Cups of Ice 1           Cup of Lemon Juice or 4 lemons juiced 2 oz      Maple Syrup (100% Pure) 1 ½      Pinch of Cayenne Pepper Quick Tip: Always try to use organic produce whenever available. Blend on high for 30 seconds. Makes 2 cups. Enjoy your Master Cleanse Smoothie and see if you feel a difference in your body and mind!

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