How To Master An Ideal Fitness Mindset To Achieve Your Goals

Feeling a little down about your fitness routine lately? Studies show that your frame of mind can drastically impact your willingness to achieve your goals. Here is your guide to mastering the "ideal" fitness mindset! - The Ideal Fitness Mindset, Or "Objective" State In this state, you are able to clearly rationalize every decision that comes your way. For example, you can decide between whether you should grab a cocktail with friends or make it an early night. And if you do decide on drinks, you can make the right menu choices and set a limit so you do not wake up groggy, hungover and craving a greasy breakfast the next day. This mindset requires you to curb your impulsiveness and hone in on your expert rationale. For many of us, we tend to fall into one of these four other mindsets from time to time which can cause our fitness routines to falter and fail. They include: - The "Determined" State This is the state where you are in hyper-activity mode. Perhaps an incident occurred which made you really want to push yourself to the limit of physical activity. While you are super motivated and high-energy, this is not a sustainable mindset in the long run and you will burn out. - The "Spendthrift" State This is the state where you feel a little partying or a box of donuts is totally okay, because you've been doing so well at the gym. You're a little too overly confident, and by giving in to your "justified" cheats, you're landing yourself in a trouble area. - The "Listless" State Too much partying or too many cheat meals have made you feel completely demotivated to want to workout. You also may have hit a plateau with your progress and feel you want to just throw in the towel. - The "Passive" State  You start making excuses for why you can't workout. You don't want to deal with driving through traffic to get to the gym or you can't start your diet because you have two weddings coming up and you have to partake the buffets. Excuses eventually wear you down and you give up the idea of getting fit all together. None of us are ever in the objective state 24/7, but we can get close to it! There are many times when we feel discouraged, listless and totally low energy. Our motivation slips, we cheat on our diet and fitness plan and we stop following through with our goals. Here is how to stop this from happening and maintain an objective state! - Catch Yourself  It's hard to monitor our thought patterns, but it gets easier with practice. The more you catch yourself making decisions that are not objective, the easier it is to change the behaviour before it happens. - Channel Your Inner Coach  Think of yourself as a coach, and you're training someone to eat and exercise properly. Advise yourself that pizza instead of a healthy quinoa salad isn't correct, and skipping your spin class will result in a major goal setback. The more you train your brain, the less of a process this will become. What are your tips for becoming more objective? Share them with us! Source: Vitals  

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