Master these Machines for Massive Muscles #1: The Bench Press

The gym is packed with A LOT of machines, but did you know that many of them are UTTERLY useless? Not only do the machines reduce the effectiveness of your workout, but they can actually increase your risk of injury. This series will look at the machines you really do need to use in order to get fit. You'll know where to spend most of your time, and you can avoid all the time-wasting machines! First up, the bench press. Only push-ups are more effective than bench presses, but the bench press is ideal for when you need to add LOTS of weight to get those chest muscles ripped. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Source:[/caption] There are three types of bench presses:
  • Incline (head elevated)
  • Flat (regular bench)
  • Decline (angled downward)
The angle of your bench press affects the muscle you work out. Decline is to build a large lower chest, flat is for chest size in general, and incline is to build upper chest muscles. The beauty of the bench press is that the bench can be used for EVERYTHING. The weight rack also holds your barbell, and you can do all sorts of exercises with just one machine!  
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