Master these Machines for Massive Muscles #4: Cable Pull-Down Machine

This is the machine you want to do for bigger upper back muscles (lats), as well as to develop your wings and shoulders. The classic Cable Pull Down is one of the best exercises for your upper back. If you can't do pull-ups yet, this is the machine where you will spend most of Back Day. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="605"] Source:[/caption] To change the angle of your workout, all you need to do is change your grip on the pull-down bar. For example:
  • Hold the bar in a wide grip to focus on the muscles running along your spine.
  • Hold the bar in a close grip to focus on the muscles running along the back of your ribs.
  • Hold the bar in a chin-up grip (palms facing you) to give the biceps some extra love.
  • Pull the bar down behind your head to change up the focus of the workout
The Cable Pull-down Machine is designed for just the one exercise, but it's one exercise that you will be repeating A LOT!  
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