Master these Machines for Massive Muscles #5: Seated Cable Rowing Machine

If you want to switch things up on Back Day, you'll want to give this machine a try. It's similar to the Cable Pull-down Machine, but it helps you to work out the muscles from a new angle. With this machine, instead of pulling the weight down, you are pulling it toward you. This changes the angle of muscle recruitment, working out the muscles in a slightly different way than Pull-Downs. If you feel you are stagnating with your back muscle growth, this machine will give you a great alternative to consider. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="616"] Source:[/caption] Changing your grip will change up the angle of your workout:
  • A close grip (with the right handle) will work the muscles running along your spine
  • A wide grip (a different handle) will work the muscles running along your ribs, along with your wings
The beauty of the Seated Cable Rowing Machine is that it engages your core along with your back, biceps, and shoulders. You may need to use your back and abs a bit to pull the weight toward you, and the fact that you are bringing your hands to your stomach means that your abs are engaged throughout the entire range of motion.  
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