Master the Move #10: High Knees

Welcome to Master the Move. In this new series, we will focus on one specific exercise at time to break it down for you to learn it a little better for your next HIIT workout. High Knees are next on the list. This simple exercise is used in drills for popular sports such as football and soccer. It is great for conditioning and raising your heart rate! This makes it a perfect component for H.I.I.T. workouts. How to: cloth_diaper
  1. In basic high knees, you need to stand still with your feet hip-width apart.
  2. Pull your right knee towards your chest in a quick motion.
  3. Now move it back to the original position and then repeat the step. Just like you are running in place, basically.
  4. Now do the same gesture with the left knee.
Watch this video below for a better understanding: For free diet plans and workouts, click the image below: URLSmall

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