Maternity Workout Clothes: A Guide

So you want to workout while you are pregnant?  That’s awesome.  For the first few months you will probably get away with wearing your usual workout clothes, but what about once you can’t fit into your favorite sports bra & your running tanks are too tight?  I really wanted to find out that my favorite [overpriced] workout-wear had a maternity line, but as of now, they do not (neither does my 2nd favorite).  There are some websites (& probably boutiques) that sell cute maternity workout wear, but unless you want to spend a fortune, there are other places worth looking into.  Everyone has their own taste, but here’s my opinion about what is worth buying.


If you are managing to still run during pregnancy, you are awesome.  You might not be able to even imagine running with how much your breasts hurt, even with a great sports bra.  Whatever activity you do, a good sports bra with nice wide straps will make your activity more enjoyable.  I bought 2 about 4 months into my pregnancy.  As of 5 weeks from my due date, they still fit.  JC Penney carries great fitting Bali sport bras at for about 1/3 the cost of some pricier brands.  Post-partum I found THE BEST sport bra ever: Anita Extreme Control.  If you are unsure of your size, it is worth being sized!


For the first few months, you might get away with wearing regular low-rise yoga pants & roll the waist down a little.  Lululemon’s “astro” pant was comfortable for me due to the way the waist is cut.  As you get further along, some inexpensive yoga pants & capris might fit more comfortably. (Motherhood Maternity, Target, Gap, & Old Navy).  My hands down favorite pant was a roll waist cotton/lycra pant from Gap.  My favorite capri was a roll waist cotton/lycra blend from Motherhood Maternity.  If you don’t want to buy new bottoms for working out, try rolling the waist down on your pants, or borrow your husband/boyfriend/friend/brother’s basketball shorts.
Cotton yoga pants are great for yoga, lounging at home, walking, & working out.  You might be opposed to them at first if you love fancy polyester-fiber moisture-wicking workout pants as much as I do.   However, cotton breathes really well, & you may not bet breaking the same level of sweat as you did pre-baby.  Most maternity yoga pants have a roll-waist, which means that they will continue to fit as your belly expands, but also that you can wear them once the baby is born.


As your belly expands, chances are you will end up with it showing if you don’t buy some maternity tanks, which are longer than regular ones.  Clingy tanks are nice, but if you want something a little looser, a tunic/swim cover-up might work for you.  Every maternity store I’ve come across has tanks for a reasonable price.  If you prefer t-shirts, they are also inexpensive & easy to find.
Here are links to the stores who carry affordable maternity clothes you can use for working out:
Here are links to other options which cost more, if you are interested:
I hope that you enjoy your pregnancy & are able to stay active, comfortably, throughout it! Jessica This article was originally posted on my pregnancy website. Pregnant?  Click here for guidelines to keep you & your baby healthy while exercising. Image Credit:

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