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Matt Damon Double Standard

October 03, 2013 4 min read

So I do my best to never post anything negative. I have made it a point to never get caught up in politics or be black and white about anything--especially fitness, because fitness is always changing and evolving. Yet, I think in this post it was just too good to pass up. I don't have too many pet peeves, but there is one great big one. The double standard of man vs. woman, specifically when it comes to looks, fitness, and body. I know...boring...but it kills me. It's the sweetest thing when the door is opened for me, it doesn't bother me that I don't have the hand strength to open a tightly sealed jar, and I love to feel protected. For me, a man who has a sense of humor is more attractive than Mark Wahlberg's Calvin Klein ad. article-1258244-00427D9500000258-495_233x384will-ferrell-0 Well, Almost... But you get the picture. The male bravado makes me stale. If you take yourself too seriously than I run...I run far away. Yet if you are comfortable with yourself, know how to protect me, and make me laugh, then I'm all in. Will Ferrell and the cow bell is my idea of sexy as hell. will-ferrell-400x300 Yet regardless of how okay I am with a woman being a woman and a man being a man, what I'm talking about is a little deeper than that. Case in point the Matt Damon Double Standard. 111223022033-we-bought-a-zoo-story-top600full-the-bourne-ultimatum-screenshot After The Bourne Identity, I couldn't look at an assassin movie the same way. If it didn't have Matt Damon in it, then I wasn't interested. The second movie followed and the third. Strangely enough, no one seemed to comment on the tale of the growing Jason Bourne. By the time we get to the third film in the series, Matt Damon looks no where near the same. Granted he was a bit more grown up, so sure, he couldn't keep that youthful glow about him forever, but it just rubbed me wrong that no one said anything about it. Yet we all know something would have been said about a woman. I mean, come on, if Angelina Jolie had come to the last Tomb Raider movie with a puffier face, you had better believe every magazine would have said something. Then Matt Damon had to gain weight for his movie The Informant. So, Hollywood speaks of Matthew's weight gain like he's done a magnificent thing. Congratulations Matt, you ate more than usual. What's strange is this...Matt was still not perfectly fit in We Bought a Zoo. Yet, no one ever said anything about it. I've looked it up. Look, I write a health and fitness blog. I'm a woman who has seen many women stripped down in magazines and the media because they look puffy around the face...I was curious whether they would say anything about Matt. I couldn't find anything. With a world that gives women six weeks to look great after having a baby...what?!? I'm curious as to the double standard here. Why? Is it women? Are women hard on women and they know we will buy those magazines?  Does it sell to break down a woman but commenting on a man is no fun? Blah. Here is the funny thing, my attraction goes well beyond the body and face. Hence the reason for my attraction to all of these guys; mash3steve_martin200-7822756cbfa36b4387e4ceab3222035d8e2a43e6-s6-c30Jimmy-Fallon-11818465-1-4021396412093_1371433129 So why, sometimes, does it not feel the same for us? We've come to a day and age where women are starting to morph their faces to stay young. Under eye hollows, noses, lips, cheeks, foreheads, and even knees are all changing before our eyes. Women are so afraid to age. And men, well why the hell would they care...no one says a thing about their puffy faces, wrinkles, or guts. There is a loss of confidence as a woman ages that is so biting to my nerves that I get frustrated when the double standard just grows. The worst part about it is that the media makes it completely normal to comment on a woman's cellulite that we forget what normal really is. Look, I love Matt Damon...there's no reason to push him out of bed. And I mean that in 'We Bought A Zoo body' and everything. If he can make me laugh, then he belongs. But that's what I'm trying to say. I'll take a Matt Damon Informant Version, I'll take a Matt Damon any version, if I see something in him that attracts me. All I need, though, is for us to figure out why women being outrageously talented is not enough? Why is humor or sincerity, the stuff that makes us more attractive than our faces ever could, not enough? What would be awesome is if I could get all of these males...the ones we praise so much despite what they look like, to take ugly pictures. matt-damon-drag Truth be told...they wouldn't care. Maybe we shouldn't either. No matter how annoying or obnoxious this double standard is, there's nothing I can say to make it stop. It will always be there. So it's my choice. Do I let it get under my skin, or do I kick its ass? Sometimes you will see me without makeup looking horrible...but I'm still funny. Sometimes I will be five to ten pounds heavier...you will still be able to have an intelligent conversation with me. It would be a lovely world if all of those fat, cellulite, hateful comments about women's bodies could stop, but it would be an even lovelier  world if we were too confident for those comments and they didn't affect us in the slightest. XO, Tessa

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