Maxim's Top 10 : 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Celebrities. They are always in the limelight and must feel the pressure of society to be looking their best, staying fit, and eating right. I took a look at Maxim's top 10 women of 2014's Hot 100, their typical workout and tips, and decided to create a full body workout based on a mix of each of their styles. Learn a little bit about each of these beautiful women and how they stay fit, then enjoy a nice little sweat session of your own!!


#10 Cara Delevingne - This sexy Brit is one of three VS models to grace 2014's Maxim Hot 100. The actress and model is currently the star face of Burberry's beauty campaign. She states that she is naturally thin and doesn't do many workouts or diet.

Her day to day workout plan can be found here :


#9 Mila Kunis - The slender, brunette former star of That 70's Show holds her own at number 9. According to Pop Sugar, the actress stuck to an extreme diet and exercise plan (and 20 lb weight loss) to play a professional ballet dancer in Black Swan. As soon as filming wrapped, she returned to a more manageable, balanced lifestyle and continued to maintain that throughout her pregnancy. She stays active by enjoying yoga and Pilates classes.


#8 Jessica Alba - This sexy mother of two earns her spot at number 8. Her toned, feminine figure, makes her one of Hollywood's most desirable physiques. Alba works with trainer, Ramona Braganza, a former NFL cheerleader and competitive gymnast. Braganza created the 321 Methond which combines the elements she feels are most effective for weight loss and toning. The method is an hour long workout that is made up of three cardio segments, two circuits of strength training, and one core (abdominal) component. "Everything is arranged to keep the heart rate elevated, calories burning, and muscles building."


#7 Alessandra Ambrosio - As Maxim states, there must be something sexy in the waters of Brazil. Brazilian beauty and Victoria's Secret model heats up the number 7 spot of the most recent Top 100 and for good reason. Her lean, rockin' bod has graced the cover of countless magazines, as well as the ever popular Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Train Like An Angel with her Full Body Workout (add more weight/resistance if you can) :


#6 Zooey Deschanel - The actress of the hit sitcom, New Girl, moves up the list significantly from her debut at #95 in 2008. Rather than sweat it out in the gym, this beautiful brunette gravitates more towards outdoor activities such as, running, hiking, biking, swimming, amongst others. She also revealed to Shape Magazine that she is disciplined with her diet, which consists primarily of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats. “I try not to snack a lot,” she says. “If I start to snack too much, I don’t have an appetite for meals. I eat three square meals a day, and if I’m hungry, I have an apple.”


#5 Jennifer Lawrence - The Oscar winning actress, and a personal favorite of mine, Jennifer Lawrence certainly earns her spot at number 5 on Maxim's Hot 100. In the past few years she has starred in the box office hits, The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle. She is known for claiming to be a "fat actress" and has openly stated she would not starve herself for a part, however, that doesn't mean she won't work hard. For her role in the Hunger Games, she followed a fitness regimen that was composed of five parts: cardio, strength training, yoga, routine and attitude.


#4 Irina Shayk - The Russian bombshell, and Sports Illustrated and Maxim cover model is no stranger to the bikini. How does she do it? Through hard work and dedication! She credits self motivation and reveals she is always striving hard and pushing for better. This swimsuit model said she does a combination of cardio exercises, boxing, Pilates, and also works out with her personal trainer. She exclusively revealed to Yahoo, "If you decide that you want to eat all those crazy meals, you have to balance with working out, so you always have to motivate yourself."

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#3 Katy Perry - Pop singer Katy Perry, who is rumored to headline at this year's Super Bowl, takes the number 3 spot. Diet is key for this California beauty. She places emphasis on maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, as well as having indulgences here and there. Her trainer, Armando Alarcon, states that she needs really loud music to get her going and that they focus on moves that elongate and engage the entire body.


#2 Scarlett Johansson - Not a stranger to the list, Scarlett Johansson bagged the number 2 spot on Maxim's Hot 100 List. The actress, and new mother, has starred in films such as, The Avengers, Lucy, He's Just Not That Into You, and The Other Boleyn Girl, and Iron Man 2, to name a few. Her hardcore training plan involves 90 minute circuits using weights and high rep sets, as well as a mix of MMA.


#1 Candice Swanepoel - And coming in at #1, is Victoria's Secret Angel, Candice Swanepoel. The South African, long-legged blue eyed beauty, enjoys kickboxing, yoga, jump-roping, and resistance training to keep her runway body in shape. In an interview with Elle Magazine, she reveals, "I love upbeat house music. It gives me energy and keeps me motivated." Check out the video below, for more information from Candice's trainer, Justin Gelband.  

20 Minute MAXIM TOP 10 : FULL BODY WORKOUT (50/10) 1. Jump Rope, Regular Jump 2. Squat, 2 Punches w/dumbbells 3. Push Up, Side Plank Twist (L/R) 4. Hold Elbow Plank 5. 10 Wide Leg Shuffle Run, 10 High Knees, 2 Pushups 6. Weighted Squat, Sidekick (L/R) 7. Hold Lunge (L foot forward), weighted twist L 8. Hold Lunge (R foot forward), weighted twist R 9. Treadmill Sprint/Sprint in Place 10. Weighted Lunges (L/R) 11. Burpee to Squat (Chair Pose) 12. Shoulder Press 13. Pilates 100 (complete for duration of interval) 14. Weighted Punches 15. Jumping Jacks 16. Plank (Reach L hand back to R foot and then elongate extending L hand in front of you, repeat on other side) 17. Bicep Curls 18. Tricep Extensions Overhead 19. Jump Lunge, 2x punch (L/R) 20. Jump Rope, High Knees

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