Maybe She's Born With It....But Probably Not

The following is a blog post written by the lovely Amy Harper - a makeup artist I had the pleasure of working with. And please don't feel that she's dictating the necessity of makeup - because that's just not true. You can check out her blog here, or if you're in the GTA and looking for a makeup artist, you can check out her work here.

"I get angry when I hear people refer to a girl as ‘average looking’ or even ‘unattractive’. We have all been spoiled into thinking flawless looks are something you’re just randomly born with. The way I look when most people see me is not how I ‘really’ look. It’s not how I look when I’m not working and it’s not how I looked in my teens or early 20s before I got into the makeup industry. I have extremely problematic skin, sun damage, dark under eye circles, super thin hair and non existent lashes. I wear fake hair, nails, eyelashes and often self tanner….to achieve this ‘no makeup’ look I am wearing at least 15 different things on my face. Not because I think I need to…and I’m not looking for validation on my makeup-less face. I know who I am and I know what I’m working with.

This is just a reminder that no one looks as extraordinary as magazines and celebrities may have you think without some work. Don’t be fooled by anyone. And especially not by me.


Both pictures taken in the same lighting. One wearing just moisturizer and the other one after a solid 20 minutes of work."

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