McDonald's Guide to Holiday Tipping

You've seen it all over the media lately.  Fast food workers are begging for $15/hr from their employers to help them better take care of their families and to help with the rising cost of the standard of living. There's this great website for McDonald's employees, the McResource Line Website that McDonald's employees have access to that supports their employees.  But if you are an employee looking for ways to survive on a minimum wage you are out of luck. NBC News checked out the website last week and found a jewel of an article, a dedicated guide to tipping service providers during the holidays.  Not your barber or the neighborhood kid who shovels the sidewalk during the winter.  “A gift from your family (or one week’s pay), plus a small gift from your child” is what the article recommends is the appropriate holiday bonus for…your au pair, according to NBC News. You should also tip your housekeeper “one day’s pay” and the “cost of one cleaning” for your pool cleaner.  NBC News also notes that the article lists holiday tipping pointers for your dog walker, massage therapist, and personal fitness trainer. The article seems like it might have been written with McDonald's CEO in mind rather than its workers.  Don Thompson made a grand total of $14 million last year.  Last month the group Low Pay Is Not OK released a video skewering the McResource Line website, calling attention to its ridiculous lifestyle factoids.   Some of the gems included “At least 2 vacations a year can cut heart attack risk by 50%” and “Breaking food into pieces often results in eating less and still feeling full.” But if you're looking for the article, it was taken down after NBC News reported on it.  Maybe they got the message that their articles were ludicrously out of touch.  A McDonald’s spokesperson told NBC News that the content on the McResource Line website is “provided by a third-party partner.”

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