My Fitness Meal Planning Ideas

My current meal planning ideas are based on a 40/30/30.  My first switch came in the morning as I usually had no carbs at all.  I usually started my day with a salad eggs and a few pieces of ham.  I thought this was a pretty good way to start the day.  Something that was fairly light not to heavy.  The immediate change went to rolled oats and a scoop of protein powder and udo's oil. Throughout the first 6 weeks of my meal plan my caloric intake was in the neighborhood of 3,000 calories.  It sounds like a lot but in the grand scheme of things you would be surprised.  I have a new appreciation for food in the amounts that you actually need versus what you put on your plate.  At first portioning food was for the birds. What has become of eating - really?  Portion out my protein carbs and fat.  This is for the birds....well that's one way to look at it.  The other way I could look at the new changes was to know this was going to help my understand what amounts I need to be putting into my body. Now most of my meals other then breakfast consist of Chicken - Fish - Steak portioned.  No I don't sit down to a 20 ounce steak or 3 Chicken Breasts.  Everything is usually portioned with vegetables, a starch and fat.  Food prep takes time and can be a struggle if you're not organized!  Image-2 I would recommend cooking for a few days in advance - never the whole week cause things change and   I usually have no more then two cups of diced veggies I know it doesn't sound like much but you would be surprised the amount you get when you combine this with your protein and other carbs.  Most of my fat intake comes from oil.  Currently I am taking in 256 grams of protein 156 grams of carbs and 85 grams of fat.  This is the based on a 2500 calorie meal plan. Shopping in the middle isles never really existed before for me now it doesn't at all.  I'm sure some of you have heard this before but avoid the middle isles as much as possible.  Yes you may find spices, seasonings, but for the most part it's filled with man made junk.  I am going to continue to update my progress.  Sometimes it's frustrating, sometimes you want things to happen quicker then they do.  The key is not to get frustrated and quit.  I have found in many cases the training part is easy it's the other 23 hours when your not training is the real test. Image   Best, Sean  

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