Meal Prep Sundays

It is Sunday...the work week or school week starts tomorrow..ugh. AND on top of that, you have to go to the grocery think, "oh, I can just buy lunch tomorrow," but after days and weeks of buying lunches and dinners, your wallet (and waistline) start to feel the after effects...what do you do? Answer: Meal Prep Sundays. This past June, I competed in my first bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas, NV. Meal Prep Sundays became and are still my weekly routine. In order to eat clean, save money and stay on your fitness regime properly, you must plan ahead with your diet and nutrition, this is where Meal Prepping comes in. I am more of a "Learn by Doing" kind of person, so I am going to give you a glimpse into a normal Meal Prep Sunday for me. First, I plan out the breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I will be eating for the 5 Day work week. This also includes snacks. Then, I go to the grocery store and buy everything that I will need in order to prepare my meals for the weeks. After arriving home from the grocery store and placing my goodies on the counter, I begin the prep! Chopping, mixing, boiling, baking, steaming, you name it, I do it. This week, my breakfasts will be oatmeal with protein powder, quinoa and chicken and veggies for lunch, fruit salad and trail mix for snacks and tofu, sweet potato and veggie bakes for dinners. After my prep, I package everything up into my various-sized tupperware and place in the fridge, ready to be loaded into my lunch box in the morning! I honestly cannot express enough how Meal Prepping changed my life. Not only did I change my diet for the better and completely change my body and lose weight, but I became confident in my routine and feeding my machine:my body. So, my challenge for you this week is to MEAL PREP! it does not have to be on Sunday, it can be any day. Just make sure to plan ahead and go for it! I promise, you will become as addicted as I am!

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