Measuring your workout progress?

You may be doing it wrong.

Many of us like to measure our progress in a new workout.  Inches on a measuring tape.  The scale.  Pant size.  There are many ways to measure how your body is changing.  How about how many bags of groceries you can carry in from the car in one trip?  Or how many burpees you can do in 50 seconds? Personally, I was obsessed with the scale.  I was especially obsessed with size.  I couldn’t help comparing my thighs to Lisa's or a model's in a magazine or even my sister’s thighs.  (I am in the yellow banded bikini in the pic and my sis is the brunette.)  Then one day my family was hanging out just goofing around.  My sister and I started jumping around, trying to get my son to jump too.  Of course, my dad and my husband turned it into a game.  They made it a challenge of who could jump higher.  My sister and I, being a competitive pair, agreed.  We jumped for all we were worth a few times and I came out the winner!  Yay me!  That experience may be trivial but, it completely changed how I look at my body.  I am gaining more than just a desired body type with my workouts.  I gain strength, agility, confidence and so much more than just a number on a scale.  My sister may have thinner thighs but, mine do more for me physically.  I can jump high, I can take multiple stairs at a time and I can step over baby gate with my son in my arms no problem.  This experience reminds me that my body is not just a walking mannequin for clothes.  So often we forget the MANY benefits to our workouts.  My body is a vessel that allows me to do all that I do everyday.  And my workout is the means to that end.  There are SO many ways to measure success.  So how about you?  What is a new way that you can measure your body and the progress of your workout?  I would love to hear the different ways to noticed a positive change in your bodies. :D

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