How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps

We take the time each day to take care of our physical body by brushing our teeth, combing our hair and so on. But what about the other parts of our well-being? Meditation gives us a way to cleanse our mind of yesterday’s thoughts and our hearts of feelings. Sitting quietly for a few minutes each morning wipes the slate clean and revives you mentally, physically, spiritually and energetically. [caption id="attachment_96407" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Photo from: Photo from:[/caption] 1 - Using blocks, bolsters or some pillows, prop your bum up and sit cross-legged. The goal here is to get your bum up high enough so that you can touch both knees down to the ground, creating a ‘tripod’ with the knees and bum. If for whatever reason sitting on the ground just doesn’t work for you, sitting up tall in a chair works just fine too, but make sure your comfortable. Place your hands in your lap or on your knees or thighs in your position (mudra) of choice. 2 - Feel your bum bones ground down into the earth, gently pull up the pelvic floor muscles with as little force as closing your eyes. Starting at the base of your spine, stack up one vertebra at a time over your hips. Feel the chest lift open and your shoulder blades slip down your back. Then with your eyes closed, all the way or open just a sliver, soften the muscles behind them and let them sink back away from the lids. Lastly, bring your awareness to the crown of your head, feel it being drawn upwards towards the sky. 3 - With the body set up and comfortable, now you can begin to shift your awareness inward a little deeper. Start by lengthening and deepening your breath, and just watch it like you might watch waves of the ocean; continuously flowing in and out.

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