Meet The 58 Year Old Grandmother Who Looks 35

Stephanie Arnott is a 58 year old grandmother who believes, thanks to "luck and good genes" that she looks at least 20 years younger. grandma grandmother body fit woman bikini She says that men want her and women are jealous.

She said: "Women can be intimidated by me because of the way I look, dress and speak. I have class, elegance and beauty, which are all powerful assets. I never used to realise that other women were jealous of me, but now I see it. Women even frown at me on the street - something my husband’s noticed too. But that's what happens when you are 58 with the face and figure of a 35-year-old. It's all natural aswell. I put it all down to luck and good genes."

She enjoys washing her car in a bikini and walking around looking like she walked off a movie set simply because she can. Why not?


Her husband doesn't mind one bit. She says, "My ex-husband used to get jealous but my husband Ian loves the attention I get. He laps it up and even sometimes likes to walk behind me on the pavement just to see what happens. People inevitably stare at me as I go by and people try and chat me up."

They do more than try to chat her up, she says they have left notes on her windshield and have gone as far as climbing scaffolding outside her building to leave a note in her bedroom window. Arnott says she has always been able to pick and choose her men which is something she believes other women find 'difficult' to swallow.

Arnott claims to have signed up to be an older model and was floored when all the agencies told her how amazing she looked and how shocked they were when they realized her photos haven't been touched up. But she has yet to book any work -- fact that mystifies her. "I haven’t got a big nose and I don’t have cellulite, so I don’t understand it. I see women in magazines covered in cellulite and fat – but I’m natural and don’t need airbrushing, so it’s frustrating I haven't been booked. It doesn’t make sense." Perhaps she looks too young...

Although she believes she is the recipient of really good genes, she admits to having a few procedures done. She's in the process of obtaining porcelain crowns and has had some botox but likely won't stop there.  "My face has dropped slightly too so I’m thinking about having a Cog thread lift, which is when they insert cog threads underneath your skin in the jawline and cheek areas to lift sagging connective tissue and fat tissue underneath the skin," she said.

Arnott admits that being this beautiful hasn't always been easy. It can be incredibly lonely. She says, "In my twenties I used to crave a relationship because even though I was very beautiful I couldn't find true love. But I remember the moment it all made sense to me. I was watching a TV programme and they had done some research to show that unless a man is really rich they don’t want a woman that looks too much like a model. They would rather go for the "plain Jane". I was shocked."


She believes herself to be a softer featured "better version" of Cher and offers this tip to us mere mortal woman: "My top tip for woman to look their best is to always look fresh-faced. Wear a bit of mascara, fill in some eyebrow, if they have been over-plucked and wear a dash of lip liner with a gloss." That's actually not bad advice.

Here's my take on all this. She looks damn fine. I'm 20 years younger and I'd love to have a waist that small. But I don't think that is why other women don't like her. I don't think it is jealousy or intimidation. I think other women don't like her because she believes herself to be better than everyone else. Even if she doesn't say anything, that energy can fill a room. It is condescending and I'm not sure it can be viewed any other way.

She's beautiful, she should embrace it, and be proud. Flaunt it if ya got it. If ya don't, flaunt it anyway. That's how I believe we should walk through this world. Dress up if you want, wash your car in your bikini, who cares? But being beautiful on the outside will not do much for you in the end if you are not beautiful on the inside too.

What do you think? Stunning natural beauty or a good looking woman with a rampant ego?

h/t: Daily Mail

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