Meet the 77 Year Old Powerlifting Granny Who'll Outlift You

Willie Murphy is just like your average grandmother. She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and hitting the local YMCA early in the morning before the rush. However, there's one little thing... she can probably dead lift more than you! power-lifting-gran-gif Weighing in at only 105 pounds, Murphy deadlifted 215 pounds at the WNPF Championships, held Nov. 15 and 16 in Atlanta. Starting with just 5 pound weights a few years back, Willie was determined to gain some strength to compete in a weight lifting competition at the YMCA she attends after seeing a sign posted up about it. She asked a Y employee if she could participate. "Go for it, granny," he said. And so she did. But, let's get one thing straight-Murphy has no trainer-she simply taught herself. Personal training is expensive, she said, even at the Y. "Who has $39 an hour?" bccdaefc13a21c189d9a9c569bd3e27f In addition to lifting more than twice her weight, Murphy can do one-handed pull-ups, one-handed pushups, fingertip pushups, and diamon pushups. And to shut critics and haters up, Murphy is quick to point out that her strength is all natural. "None of those steroids for me," she said. Exercise is key to staying healthy. You don't have to be a world-class weight lifter or do one-handed pull ups, she said, just do enough so that "you are moving something and the blood is flowing in your body." After all, age ain't nothing but a number, right? For free diet plans and workout plans, click the image below: URLSmall  

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